Soup Du Jour   Cup: $5/Bowl: $8.00

Salad Du jour  

(Add grilled chicken or Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon for $4.00)

-        Oven roasted baby potatoes and Lobster salad withbacon chips, green onions and corn kernels $15

-        Café Français Salad(Romaine, Feta Cheese, Chambord Cranberries,Black Olives and Red Peppers)  $8.95

-        Asian Pear & Mango Coleslaw $7.95

-        Spinach and Mandarin salad with cherry tomatoes, driedfigs and sunflower seeds    $7.95

Quiche/Omelette Du Jour (add cup of soup or side salad for $4.00)

-        Bacon and Cheese (Quiche: 10.98; Omelette: 9.98)

-        Ham and Green Onions (Quiche: 10.98; Omelette: 9.98)

-        Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes(Quiche:11.98; Omelette: 10.98)

-         Chicken,Spinach with Feta and red pepper(Quiche: 12.98; Omelette 10.98)

-        Salmon and Spinach with capers (Quiche: 12.98;Omelette: 10.98)


Sandwich Selections (add cup of soup or side salad for $4.00)

Egg Salad on Brioche $8.98 (Upgrade toCroissant for $2.00)


Smoked Salmon on Croissant $11.98


Croque Monsieur oven baked Ham OR Asparagus, and Swiss cheese sandwichmade on our house made brioche, topped with béchamel sauce & cheese $11.98


Grilled Chickenand Swiss cheese Sandwich on Focaccia with tomato, chambord cranberries andmustard mayo $12.98




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